Fisheries resource reallocation policy

This policy delivers on an action under the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy and outlines the key steps and considerations for reallocation of fishery resources.

The Queensland Government regularly receives proposals to reallocate access to fisheries resources from one sector to another. The policy sets out the criteria that must be met for any proposal to be considered by Government. It also requires any entity proposing reallocation of fisheries resources to demonstrate the benefits to the community, supply sufficient information to demonstrate their case and outline how compensation might be provided.

The Queensland Government delivered a number of net free zones in 2015, which included $10 million towards a buy back of licences and compensation for commercial fishers impacted by the closures.

The Government has no further funding available for new net free zones at this stage. Therefore any reallocation proposal would need to be accompanied by a workable plan for how compensation would be funded without reliance on Government resources.

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