Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commercial fishing

Commercial fishing opportunities

Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander communities continue to express a desire to have more economic opportunities around fishing, particularly in their own sea country.

One of the key actions in the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy is to develop a commercial fishing development policy for Aboriginal peoples and Torres Strait Islanders to support economic development in a way that supports sustainable fishing.

Following discussions with key Indigenous fishing stakeholders, a draft policy was released for public comment in August 2019. All feedback received during this consultation period was considered and the policy was finalised in July 2020.

The Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander commercial fishing development policy aims to support economic development opportunities for Indigenous peoples and communities by providing flexible pathways to participate in commercial fishing businesses, for example:

  • trialling a business in an existing commercial fishery before deciding if it is viable to enter the fishery on a long-term basis
  • trialling a small-scale business to supply fresh fish to the local Indigenous community
  • training to participate in commercial fisheries.

Aboriginal peoples or Torres Strait Islanders who wish to trial a commercial fishing activity will need to apply for an Indigenous fishing permit.

More information

Call 13 25 23 or email fisheriesmanagers@daf.qld.gov.au.