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About state native forestry and quarry material management

Who we are

Forest Products is a unit within the Forestry group in the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries.

What we do

We manage activities related to the sale of native forest timber products and quarry material from state forests, timber reserves and other state-owned land, as well as other tenures where native forest timber products or quarry material has been reserved to, or are owned by the state. We do this across Queensland under the authority of the Forestry Act 1959.

Our business goal is to administer the allocation and sale of state-owned native forest log timber, quarry material and other forest products on a commercial and environmentally responsible basis. Our primary customers are timber processors and quarry operators.

We work in partnership with key industry, community and government stakeholders to ensure the responsible management and efficient supply of Queensland's native forest products and quarry resources for the benefit of all Queenslanders.


Native hardwoods

Our key commercial hardwoods include spotted gum, ironbark, grey gum and sandalwood.

We sell around 110 000 cubic metres of native forest hardwood sawlogs and other products to timber processors each year.

Our hardwood timbers are used for:

  • construction
  • framing
  • cladding
  • flooring
  • decking, landscaping, fencing
  • bridges
  • wharfs
  • power and light poles
  • railway sleepers
  • furniture

We also sell Queensland sandalwood which is valued for its aromatic oil content. Sandalwood is selectively harvested, processed and exported under export licence to Asian markets principally for the production of religious artefacts and incense products.  Sandalwood is obtained from our sandalwood supply areas mainly in the north west of the State. 


We also sell around 110 000 cubic metres of cypress sawlogs to timber processors each year. With its natural resistance to pest and decay and its unique appearance, cypress is prized overseas with exports to USA, Japan and other countries.   

Cypress is used for:

  • construction
  • framing
  • cladding
  • flooring, decking and fencing.

Quarry material

We sell around six million tonnes of quarry material each year. We supply about 12 % of the state's quarry material requirements, supplying Queensland's infrastructure development and maintenance projects such as:

  • roads
  • rail lines
  • ports
  • hospitals
  • other infrastructure.

The primary products sourced from our quarries include sand, gravel, road base, crushed aggregate and landscaping rock.

Fire management

Our fire management operations are limited to coordination and cooperation with other fire agencies to the limit of our resources and mandate.

Our application of fire management practices combine fire protection measures with sound environmental management to protect life and community assets and promote sustainable forest management.

Our planned burns are integrated into Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service's fire management system.

Beekeeping (Apiary)

We manage apiary sites in some State forests in Queensland. Find more on permits and access apiary site maps.

Stock grazing

We manage stock grazing permits in some State forests.

Environmental credentials

Our native forest management system is certified as complying with the internationally-recognised Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management AS4708-2013. 

Forest certification verifies that native forest harvesting activities on state forests, timber reserves, state leasehold and other lands satisfy the requirements for sustainable forest management.

This management approach ensures that these state-owned forests continue to deliver a balanced range of custodial and commercial benefits and uses to the community, including conservation, recreation, grazing and cultural heritage, as well as the production of timber and other forest products.

Certification enables us to supply our timber processing customers with a certified native forest product. Our customers can build upon this, through their own chain-of-custody certification, in order to label and promote the environmental integrity of their timber products, and access those markets requiring timber sources from legally and sustainably managed sources.

Where we are

Our dedicated staff operate from 23 centers within three forest management areas (FMAs) across Queensland.

Map of Forest Management areas