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Plantation spatial data

A 2016 update on Queensland’s plantation estate is now available via the department's web mapping tool, along with an associated report.

The 2016 plantation update found that there is a total of around 242,400 hectares of plantations in Queensland, comprised of around 81% softwood plantations, 18% hardwood plantations and 1% other. HQPlantations are the State’s major grower, owning around 85% of Queensland’s plantation estate, with the remaining plantations being mostly hardwood plantations owned by a range of different entities.

The report compares the 2016 findings with those from a 2014 update, finding that around 22,500 hectares of plantations had been lost over that time. The main losses were due to conversion of failed hardwood plantations that were established under Managed Investment Scheme arrangements in the early 2000’s.

The spatial coverage can be found on the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries’ web mapping tool WALI. Read Queensland's Plantation Forestry Estate - 2016 Update for more information.

Last updated 22 December 2016