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Sustainable native forest management

Case studies in managing private native forest in south-eastern Queensland

Native forest management is about managing timber resources sustainably. This means planning for a balance between productivity, revenue and healthy forest environments in the long term.

Queensland has a long tradition of timber production from native forests and there is an increasing opportunity for private native forests to provide income while supplying a sustainable resource for the timber industry.

The four case studies presented here integrate well-researched principles of native forest management with optimum production while preserving environmental values.

This book is a guide for private native forest managers in southeast Queensland who want to improve productivity, develop sustainable practices and secure viable harvest returns.


  1. Private native forest in Queensland
  2. Thinning an even-aged regrowth forest
  3. Restoring productivity in a high-graded spotted gum-ironbark forest
  4. On-farm value adding for hardwood forests
  5. Integrated harvesting in a eucalypt forest
  6. Appendices
    • Guidelines for managing forest condition
    • Meeting legal requirements for native forest management practices
    • Contacts and resources
    • Outline for a forest harvesting operational plan
    • Forest tree species names
    • References

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Last updated 09 November 2016