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Forest value

Our research and development (R&D) partnerships aim to improve forest and wood value by:

  • developing improved plantation tree varieties for tropical and subtropical conditions
  • improving plantation wood quality to produce fit-for-purpose wood fibre
  • developing support systems for managing sustainable, productive forests for wood products, carbon balance and climate change.

Our capacity

We combine science and technical expertise in:

  • forest genetics, tree breeding, plant propagation and tree reproductive biology
  • modelling forest carbon and growth and forest ecology
  • plantation and native forest silviculture
  • biometrics, programming and decision support tools
  • wood properties evaluation.

Read about our capacity in tree improvement, plantation research and wood properties technology:

Research making a difference

Our research meets the forest industries' need for improved trees suited to future climates and to produce better wood quality for timber and construction products.

Read about some recent achievements in tree and wood quality improvement and plantation forestry for climate change and a carbon economy:


In Australia, we collaborate closely with CSIRO, The University of the Sunshine Coast, The University of Queensland, Griffith University, The University of Tasmania, Timber Queensland, Forestry Tasmania, Department of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food, Department of Primary Industries New South Wales. Internationally, we have partners in New Zealand, South Africa, Canada, USA, Brazil, and Vietnam in a wide range of forest and wood research projects.


Download a brochure about our capacity and achievements in forest and wood science and technology.

Last updated 23 May 2012