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Forestry and wood guides and support tools

Forestry science and technologies research provides information and support tools for forestry, timber and related industries in Queensland.

Growing trees

Plantation trees - fact sheets about growing improved tree species in plantations, their wood properties and potential wood products in Queensland

Plantation potential in Queensland´s regions - fact sheets about the performance of key tree species in plantation trials in 6 regions in Queensland

Sustainable native forest management - Case studies in native forest management

Fire management - guidelines for using fire in spotted gum - ironbark forests for production and biodiversity outcomes

Pests and diseases - fact sheets about pests and diseases in forest trees, plantations and timber

Managing pests and diseases in plantation forests - a guide for preventing damage, assessing symptoms, management options, forest certification

Healthy hardwoods - a field guide to pests, diseases and nutritional disorders in subtropical hardwoods

Nutritional disorders - a guide to symptoms that distinguish nutritional disorders from damage caused by pests and diseases.

Using wood

Wood and timber construction and processing – digital tools and guides for timber construction in Queensland:

  1. Qtimber- QTimber is the digital application of the Construction timbers in Queensland publication (see below). It provides critical information about using the right timber for the right job
  2. Construction timbers in Queensland - properties and specifications for satisfactory performance of construction timbers in Queensland - Class 1 and Class 10 buildings'
  3. Cocowood - a best practice manual for processing coconut stems for flooring products
  4. Cocowood: Properties and processing facts for coconut ´wood´ (PDF, 190.5KB) - quick facts about the properties of cocowood and how to process and use it.

Wood properties of forest trees - the wood properties of 80 species of Australian and imported timbers, including timber terms and definitions

Timber Answers - an online reference for the properties and use of more than 1 000 Australian and imported timbers

Using wood treated with preservative - an overview of the standards relating to wood treated with preservative

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