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Queensland’s state native forest management planning

Management of Queensland State native forests is divided between a number of agencies as described in responsibilities of Government.

Queensland Forest and Timber Industry Plan

The Queensland Forest and Timber Industry Plan was developed by stakeholders and the Queensland Government. This plan sets out practical strategies to grow an efficient, resilient and profitable forest sector.

Harvest plans

Harvest plans are developed by Forest Products operational staff for native forest harvesting sites.  As part of the harvest planning process, the impact of harvesting on all forest values, including threatened species, soil, water and cultural heritage are assessed. Control measures to mitigate  impacts are prescribed in accordance with DNPSR's Code of Practice for Native forest Timber Production on the QPWS Forest Estate 2014.

Learn more about harvesting standards and supply and sale.

Non-commercial forest management

The Department of National Parks, Sport and Racing's Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service (QPWS) manages reservation and other non-commercial aspects of forest management in Queensland State forests as the custodian.

Stakeholder contribution

Stakeholder engagement is important to Forest Products and is undertaken at a number of levels. At the strategic level stakeholder views have been considered in the development of the Queensland Forest and Timber Industry Plan.

At the operational level, Forest Products actively evaluates the direct effects of our operations on stakeholders. Stakeholders are proactively engaged in the operational planning process so their views may be considered in decision making.

Forest Products acknowledges the positive contribution that all stakeholder perspectives and expertise make to forest management. Contact us to make submissions about native forest management planning.

Monitoring and auditing

We regularly monitor compliance with and review efficiency and effectiveness against legislation, policies, codes of practice and the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management.

As the custodians of the forest estate, Queensland Parks and Wildlife Service audit timber harvesting activities for compliance with the Code of practice for native forest timber production on the QPWS forest estate 2014.To maintain certification to the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management we must regularly pass independent audits of our management system.

Last updated 18 July 2017