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Certification to Australian Forestry Standard

Our forest management system is independently certified to the Australian Forestry Standard (AFS) – the Australian Standard for Sustainable Forest Management AS4708:2013. This Standard has international recognition through the Program for the Endorsement of Forest Certification Schemes.

Our certification covers activities related to the commercial harvest and sale of native forest products within our defined forest area.

Certification to the Standard provides an independent third-party verification of our forest management system's performance against recognised sustainability criteria.

To maintain certification we must regularly pass independent audits of our management. Certification permits us to display and promote the AFS and PEFC logos.

AFS logo

Benefits of certification

Certification to the Standard benefits the timber processing and manufacturing industries by allowing them to demonstrate that their products originate from sustainably managed forests.

Our log timber processing customers may seek timber 'chain-of-custody' certification under Australian Standard AS4707-2014. This enables a company to label and promote its timber products as coming from certified forests and thus tap into the growing market demand for certified timber.

By using certified timber products, consumers are supporting responsible forest management and helping to reduce the trade in timber sourced from illegal logging operations.

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Last updated 16 January 2017