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Legislation and policy framework

We are committed to complying with relevant legislation and other frameworks established by the Queensland government.


  • The Forestry Act 1959 gives us the authority to sell native forest products and quarry material (property of the state of Queensland), issue permits for apiary sites and stock grazing, and carry out management and protection works and activities on State forests.
  • The Environmental Protection Act 1994 requires that our activities protect environmental values, comply with environmental standards and avoid causing environmental harm.
  • The Nature Conservation Act 1992 requires that our activities provide for the conservation of nature (by ensuring that native wildlife and its habitat are protected).
  • The Work Health and Safety Act 2011 requires a person conducting a business to provide the highest level of health and safety protection from hazards arising from work.


Our Forest management policy statement describes the key values and commitments we apply to our forest management activities.

The Queensland Forest and Timber Industry Plan developed in conjunction with industry, outlines practical strategies to grow an efficient, resilient and profitable forest sector.

Last updated 04 September 2014