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Supply and sale

The Queensland Government sells State-owned forest products in Queensland under the provisions of the Forestry Act 1959.

Native forest harvesting on State-owned forests is administered by the Forest Products unit of the Department of Agriculture and Fisheries. We authorise timber harvesting in native cypress and hardwoods forests on State forests and other State-owned native forests in Queensland.

Sale permits

Most State-owned timber resources are sold to individual timber processing companies as standing trees under long-term sales permits to provide planning certainty for the timber processing industry.  Long term sales permits are based on forest inventory, growth predictions, and market and social factors, including the need to promote a stable and viable timber industry.

Long-term sales permits have been negotiated with timber processors:

  • SEQ hardwoods - 25 year sales permits to 2024
  • Western hardwoods - 15 year sale permits to 2030 with capacity for a rolling annual extension commencing 2016
  • Cypress - 25 year sale permits to 2037
  • Sandalwood - 5 year sale permits.

Under our supervision, permittees organise the harvesting and extraction of log timber using appropriately skilled and certified employees or contractors.  We monitor and ensure the adequacy of the performance of permittees against the harvesting standards.

Our main commercial timber tree species include:

Under the provisions of the Forestry Act 1959 we also sell other forest products such as sandalwood, foliage, seed and plants, woodturning timber, fencing timber, didgeridoo blanks and firewood.

Further information

Quantities harvested from state lands by financial year.

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