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State quarry material

Under the provisions of the Forestry Act 1959 we sell quarry material from land where such material has been reserved to the State, including State forests, timber reserves, forest entitlement areas and State plantation forests. It also includes certain roads, leasehold land and freehold land but excludes lakes and watercourses  below  the high water mark in coastal areas, where not subject to a lease under the Land Act 1994.

Queensland's extractive industry sources almost fifteen per cent of its annual quarry material requirements from State-owned resources. These supplies help support infrastructure, industry and residential development projects as well as mining activity throughout the state.

The peak national industry organisation supporting Queensland's quarry industry is the Cement Concrete & Aggregates Australia. The peak national professional body supporting Queensland is the Institute of Quarrying Australia.

We allocate sales permits to allow private sector quarry operators, government agencies and local authorities to utilise State-owned quarry material. To help meet demand, we are working closely with the extractive industry and relevant government agencies to expand access to suitable State-owned quarry  resources.  We are also working to secure future community access to limited quarry resources by identifying and protecting State interests in regional resources through input to legislative, policy and planning processes and land tenure changes.

Obtaining a sales permit or an authority to search for quarry material

To establish a new quarry on a State-owned quarry resource administered under the Forestry Act 1959, you must obtain a sales permit from us. We will work with you to finalise commercial terms and conditions before issuing a sales permit.

Prior to commencing operations under a sales permit, you will be required to consider native title, address environmental issues and obtain development approval. This includes developing a quarry management or operational plan that reflects relevant legislation, established codes of practice and  industry  standards, in particular, environmentally-responsible site management and rehabilitation measures.

To gain authority to search for State-owned quarry material administered under the Forestry Act 1959, you must obtain a permit from us . The permit to search allows you to sample, dig and/or drill potential quarry resources to determine rock properties. A permit to search does not provide any rights to a resource.

Once the sales permit has been issued by us, you must gain development approval under the provisions of the Sustainable Planning Act 2009 before commencing quarrying operations.