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Cocowood processing manual

front cover of the cocowood processing manual

A manual for processing cocowood.

The cocowood processing manual describes best practice for producing high-value flooring products from coconut ´wood´ or cocowood. It meets international standards for flooring products and recognises the specific, local conditions of the Pacific Islands.

These technical guidelines are based on the research outcomes of the ACIAR project, Improving value and marketability of coconut wood.

Who is it for?

The information is intended for operators skilled in timber processing, who need to work with the unusual properties of cocowood. It specifies where cocowood processes differ from standard practice for timber. For other processes, refer to the relevant standards set by the importing country.

Using the manual

The manual is divided into three chapters. Each chapter adds to different aspects of primary and secondary processing.

Section 1

provides an overview of the best practice steps for harvesting and processing cocowood. There is also a glossary of terms specifically associated with processing cocowood and a section on managing processing risks.

Section 2

covers cocowood´s unique properties and how they relate to critical processing techniques. This is followed by sections that set out the processing methods in more detail, explaining why these practices are essential when working with cocowood.

Section 3

provides more information, including contacts, current standards and some useful publications.

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