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Construction timbers in Queensland

'Construction timbers in Queensland' (CTIQ) describes how to use different timbers in Queensland. The publication (in two parts) is noted as a primary referenced document in the Queensland variations to the Building Code of Australia (BCA).

CTIQ describes the properties of timbers used in the construction of Class 1 to Class 10 buildings (e.g. houses, carports, garages, greenhouses and sheds) in Queensland, as well as other purposes such as furniture, landscaping and outdoor structures (e.g. playgrounds, fences). It also recommends appropriate uses of timbers across the state.

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QTimber is the interactive, web-based version of CTIQ.

It provides critical information about using the right timber for the right job, including:

  • designing or building with timber in construction or engineering
  • treating, importing or selling timber.

Timber construction regulations are related to geographical decay hazard zones and QTimber makes it easier to find timbers that are suited to your building application and location.

Now access CTIQ as the web-application QTimber