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Agvet chemicals and residues

As of 29 October 2015, the use of the agricultural chemical fenthion is illegal in Queensland. For alternatives for fruit fly control, visit the APVMA website.

Controls on the use of agricultural and veterinary (agvet) chemicals, and the management of risks to trade resulting from contaminants or the residue of agvet chemicals, support the productivity, quality and safety of Queensland's food and fibre industries.

The aim of responsible chemical use in Queensland is supported by state and national policy decisions that ensure the effective management of agvet chemicals Australia-wide.

  • Chemical residues and contaminants

    Queensland regulates and monitors chemical residues and contaminants including pesticides and veterinary medicines to ensure high-quality and healthy food production.

  • Licences and permits

    A licence is required to spray agricultural chemicals or herbicides to control weeds.

  • Chemical use

    Users of agricultural and veterinary chemical products must be aware of their legal responsibilities under legislation.