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Maize production in Queensland

  • Varieties and planting

    There are a multitude of maize varieties available. The choice of variety will depend on market requirements, environmental conditions, whether the crop is irrigated and the level of disease resistance required.

  • Insect pests

    Maize growing yields in Queensland can be affected by insect pest

  • Nutrition, irrigation and weeds

    Growing maize in Queensland requires the management of nutrition and irrigation.

  • Harvesting and marketing

    Growing maize in Queensland requires management in the harvesting and marketing practices

  • Diseases

    Information on how maize-growing yields in Queensland can be affected by diseases

  • Disease photo gallery

    Maize disease photo gallery with images of rot, wallaby ear, blight, smut, viruses and rust.

  • Maize germplasm

Maize is a multipurpose summer cereal, grain and silage crop. It is a good rotation crop with legumes and cotton. Maize has a low capital investment, low growing risk and generally a longer window of harvest than other crops.The industry is valued between $25-$35 million annually, depending upon prices, area planted, and yields. Maize is predominantly grown for the domestic market, although a small amount - usually specialised varieties - is grown for export (e.g. waxy or white types). All sectors of the Australian maize industry are catered for by the Maize Association of Australia (MAA). MAA was established in 1991. Full details of MAA's functions, office bearers and interests are available at the Maize Association of Australia website.

Last updated 19 September 2012