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Rhizobium inoculation

Get the best from your legume crop

Rao C N Rachaputi, Neil Halpin, Nikki Seymour and Mike Bell
October 2010
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2pp, rhizobium, legume inoculation


A field of soybean plants and a man


This brochure was compiled by projects aiming to improve the integration of legumes in grain and sugarcane farming systems in Queensland and to enhance productivity and profitability of tropical pulses in Indonesia and Australia.

Legumes need the correct strain of rhizobium to make functional nodules on roots and to fix the atmospheric nitrogen.  The rhizobium inoculant has to be handled correctly to get the best performance from your legume crop.  Rhizobium is living bacteria and needs to be well looked after.  The brochure describes the most important 'dos and don'ts'.

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