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Check your glyphosate resistance risk

A questionnaire for self-assessing barnyard grass resistance risk

David Thornby
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Questionnaire summary

A barnyard grass plant
Barnyard grass plant

This questionnaire helps you to assess the risk of glyphosate resistance developing in awnless barnyard grass populations in your paddock or farm. It may give good results for other summer grasses, but we cannot guarantee its accuracy for other types of weeds.

As part of a weed management plan, you need to know the herbicide resistance status of key weeds, particularly in your high-risk paddocks.

Consider having your weeds tested for glyphosate resistance if:
  1. paddocks are at risk of glyphosate resistance
  2. there are survivors of a glyphosate application.

Find out how to test for glyphosate resistance.

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Check your risk for glyphosate resistance (PDF, 166 kB)

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