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Glyphosate Resistance Toolkit

Rate your glyphosate resistance risk

About the toolkit

This online toolkit is for both growers and advisors to check the level of risk for developing glyphosate-resistant weeds on their farm. It is divided into two sections:

Resistance Knowledge Quiz

Test your knowledge of herbicide resistance.

Risk Assessment Tool

Assess your on-farm risk of developing glyphosate-resistant weed populations and test out strategies for reducing it.

Enter information on your current practices (including crop rotation, crop density, and weed control tactics), and which weed species you usually have to control.

The tool then calculates a glyphosate resistance risk score for the paddock, and a level of risk for each weed identified. It also provides information on how risky your practices may be, and where you may be able to improve.

You can use the tool more than once, to rate different paddocks on your farm or to try out different scenarios.

Toolkit requirements

  • Flash Player 6 or later. If the toolkit will not load, you may need to download the free Flash Player software.
  • Some idea of your crop rotation, herbicide use, and frequency of tillage.


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