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Sugar is one of Australia's most important rural industries, worth around $1.75 billion to the Australian economy. It provides around 35 million tonnes of cane per year, which when processed, equates to around 4.75 million tonnes of sugar. Queensland produces 95 per cent of Australia's raw sugar, and around 85 per cent of Queensland's raw sugar is sold on the world market. The sugar industry is a cornerstone of many Queensland regional communities - injecting millions into regional communities each year and providing employment opportunities for many Queenslanders.

  • Research providers

    Organisations that provide funding or undertake research and development in the sugar industry

  • Zonal tillage

    Research and field trials show that zonal tillage significantly reduces tillage costs, saves time, and preserves soil moisture. The crop establishment using zonal tillage is comparable to results using conventional tillage.

  • Natural resource management

    It is now becoming standard industry practice for cane growers to use the best management methods for fertiliser and integrated pest management systems to achieve cane productivity goals, while minimising the environmental impacts of farming practices.

  • Farm Economic Analysis Tool (FEAT)

    Sugarcane farmers use the farm economic analysis tool (FEAT) to determine the profitability of their farming practices.

  • Eco-efficient production system for Queensland's sugarcane industry

    Modelling the role of an assumed eco-efficient production system for the Queensland sugar industry.

  • Sugar contacts

    A list of sugar industry bodies and organisations relevant to the Queensland sugar industry

  • Complementary crops in the sugarcane industry

    Prospects of complementary crops for the sugarcane industry

  • Funding bodies

    Information about organisations that fund developments in the sugar industry

  • Changes to sugar industry legislation since 1991

    Timeline of changes to legislation that affects the Queensland Sugar Industry

  • Approved sugarcane varieties

    In Queensland only approved sugarcane varieties can be planted.

  • Sustainable sugarcane farming

    Research has shown that the long-term monoculture, uncontrolled traffic from heavy machinery and excessive tillage, along with practices that deplete organic matter, all contribute to yield decline in sugarcane.

Last updated 12 December 2012