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Fruit and nuts

The department supports research and development for fruit and nut crops that are important to the state economy, as well as those identified under the National Primary Industries Research Development and Extension Framework.

  • Apples (pome fruit)

    Apple producers' information

  • Avocados

    Key information for avocado producers in Australia, including research and development, crop management, pests, diseases, harvesting, and marketing.

  • Bananas

    Information about growing bananas, including research and development, crop management, best practices, pests, diseases, harvesting, and marketing.

  • Citrus

    Find information for citrus producers, including reserach and development, crop management, best practices, pests, and harvesting.

  • Custard apples

    Custard apple producers information

  • Lychees, longans and rambutans

    Lychee producers' information

  • Macadamias

    Macadamia producers information

  • Mangoes

    Information on growing mangos, including research and development, current projects, crop management, best practices, pests, diseases, and harvesting.

  • Papaya

    Papaya producers' information

  • Passionfruit industry

    Information on the Passionfruit industry in Queensland including best practices, major pests and diseases, harvesting, markets and production.

  • Pineapples

    Information on the production of Pineapple within Queensland including research and development, pests, diseases, markets and information for new growers

  • Stonefruit

    Information on the major pests and diseases, chemicals, harvesting practices, production, and published reports on the production of stonefruit in Queensland.

  • Strawberries

    Information on published papers, crop management best practices, pests and diseases, production, research, and the harvesting of Strawberries in Queensland.

  • Wine grapes

    Landing page for topics about growing wine grapes, viticulture

  • Other fruit crops

    Information about growing fruit crops in Queensland

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