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About 7000 ha of mangoes are grown in Queensland. The main production areas are in the Burdekin, Bundaberg and Mareeba regions. The main varieties grown are Kensington Pride and B74 (marketed under the registered trade mark CALYPSO®), R2E2 and Honey Gold® while other varieties including Keitt, Kent, Palmer, Brooks, Keow Savoey and Nam Doc Mai, are grown on a limited scale either to extend the seasonal availability of mangoes or supply niche domestic and export markets. 

The Queensland mango harvest starts in North Queensland in late October and, in southern areas, ends in early April. Most of the fruit is sold in the main domestic markets of Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne and Adelaide. Only 5-10 per cent is exported. A small percentage of production is processed into canned mango, mango juice and a wide range of mango-flavoured products.

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Last updated 23 June 2014