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Banana farm workers and panama disease

Panama disease tropical race 4, a serious disease affecting banana plants, has been found in north Queensland. Practices are in place on banana farms to help prevent the disease from spreading. Here's how you can help

  • Dial ahead, don't drop in. Call a labour hire company about job opportunities instead of going directly to a banana farm.
  • Come clean, leave clean. Wear clean clothes and boots to work and follow your manager's direction on wash-down and decontamination procedures.
  • See a sick plant? Report it! Tell your manager if you see a plant with any of these symptoms:
    • yellowing
    • wilting leaves and reddish-brown or black streaking in the stem
    • stem splitting
    • internal discolouration.

Download this information in English, Hmong, Korean, Laotian, Punjabi, Italian, French and Cantonese.

Understanding the disease and identifying symptoms

To reduce the potential impact of Panama disease tropical race 4 on banana production, it is important to first understand the disease. Access detailed information about the disease and how to identify disease symptoms.

Panama disease tropical race 4 Decontamination Guide

Equipment and items that have come into contact with plant or soil material such as vehicles, machinery, tools, clothing and boots, have the potential to spread the disease.

The decontamination guide details personal and vehicle and machinery decontamination procedures to help prevent the disease from spreading and is available in English, Hmong and Punjabi.

Community support service information

Information and contact details for general community support services and the Panama support service is available to individuals who may be experiencing financial, social or emotional hardship as a result of changed circumstances.

Further information

Last updated 12 January 2018