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Further information about fire ants

Please report suspect fire ants online or contact Biosecurity Queensland on 13 25 23.

Fire ants in Australia

In Australia, there have been six separate incursions of fire ants. Five recorded in Queensland and one in Port Botany, New South Wales.

In Queensland, the first two incursions were discovered in 2001, one in the south western suburbs of Brisbane and the other at the Port of Brisbane. The third and fourth incursions were found in Yarwun, Central Queensland in 2006 and 2013. The fifth and most recent incursion to Queensland was found at Brisbane Airport in 2015.

The Port Botany incursion was discovered in 2014 with the NSW Department of Primary Industries leading the eradication response. Biosecurity Queensland provided assistance in the initial response and provides ongoing scientific and operational support when required.

Both the Port of Brisbane and the 2006 Yarwun incursions have been successfully eradicated and the 2013 Yarwun incursion is due to be declared eradicated in July 2016. Spread from the initial Brisbane infestation has led to infestations around the greater Brisbane area including Ipswich, Logan and Redlands. Isolated infestation has also been found in Scenic Rim, Gold Coast and Lockyer Valley.

Below are links to fire ants pages in other states.

Fire ants in the United States

More than 100 million hectares of America's southern states are infested with fire ants. Below are links to information about fire ants in the United States and what is being done to control them.

Last updated 01 July 2016