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Community involvement

Fire ant volunteer rangers conducting surveillance for fire ants
Fire ant ranger volunteers provide invaluable assistance to Biosecurity Queensland as it works to eradicate fire ants    

Community partnership is a major contributing factor in the success of the program. Without the support of the general public and local communities, the National Red Imported Fire Ant Eradication Program would not be as close to achieving eradication as it is.  

Everyone knows their own yard best, so it is essential that residents look, check, call as we need to find them all.  

Community engagement occurs at all levels within a community, and Biosecurity officers are involved in regular community activities in an effort to educate people about fire ants and the eradication program through:  

  • Partnerships - working with councils and industry    
  • Training - fire ant training sessions are essential for businesses operating in the fire ant biosecurity zone, learn more
  • Education - the 'Aka the Fire Ant Tracker' show and teaching resources educate students about fire ants, learn more
  • Displays - officers attend local events to increase public awareness and knowledge    
  • Talks/public meetings- visits are made with local communities to talk to residents and community groups    
  • Media - news, feature stories and social media keep the community abreast of developments in the program and serve as a reminder to 'look, check, call'.    

Get involved, become a fire ant volunteer ranger  

Fire ant volunteer rangers are community-based citizens who assist in the fight to eradicate fire ants. Our volunteers perform a vital role in protecting the community from fire ants.  

Fire ant volunteer rangers assist in surveillance for fire ants in public areas and participate in community education activities to raise awareness of the fire ant problem. Volunteer rangers are given basic training in fire ant identification and the potential impacts on our lifestyle, environment and agriculture.  

As a volunteer, you will:  

  • learn valuable skills    
  • meet people in your local community    
  • work with officers from the Biosecurity Queensland Control Centre    
  • help your local community to remain free of fire ants.    

Any time that you can spare to help our fight against fire ants will put us closer to achieving our goal of eradication.  

If you are interested in becoming a volunteer:

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