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Fire ant treatment season 2017-18

If you have received a notice with the subject heading 'Access to your property required urgently for fire ant treatment', please complete the property information form to advise us of access requirements for your property, or call 13 25 23.

As part of a new 10 year strategy to eradicate fire ants from Australia, the Fire Ant Program’s 2017-18 treatment season will operate an intensive planned broadcast bait treatment program in south east Queensland in the areas of Lockyer Valley, Scenic Rim and Ipswich regions.

In other high risk areas outside the planned treatment area, the Program will undertake broadcast bait treatment to supress infestation before eradication treatment is undertaken at a later stage.

In all other areas, the Program will be responding to public reports and destroying infestation, particularly where public safety is at risk.

Treatment season will run from September 2017 through to June 2018 with two or three rounds of bait applied during this period in planned treatment areas.

If you live in a treatment area (PDF, 1.2MB) Biosecurity Queensland officers will enter your property to conduct fire ant bait treatment when they are in the area. Officers are easily identified by their uniform and identification badges and will not need to enter your house or buildings.

Under the Biosecurity Act 2014, officers are authorised to enter your property to undertake fire ant treatment and surveillance activities without you being present. If officers cannot gain access to your property, they will leave a notice requesting that you make access available within the specified timeframe.

The treatment for fire ants involves spreading corn grit soaked in a mixture of soybean oil and an insect growth regulator. It is thinly dispersed across backyards and garden areas as well as parklands and paddocks. The bait treatment is not harmful to humans or animals as it is specifically targeted at fire ants.

There are three main methods of distributing the bait, including:

  • on foot, with a hand held spreader
  • from an all-terrain vehicle (ATV) or quad bike
  • by air, using a helicopter.

Note: If your property is a large acreage site, it may be targeted for treatment by helicopter. If your property falls into this category a Biosecurity Queensland officer will be in contact to advise of the aerial treatment occurring as per Civil Aviation Safety Authority (CASA) requirements and to discuss the aerial treatment process. For further information about aerial treatment operations, please read the fire ant bait treatment frequently asked questions .

If there are any issues with accessing your property, such as dogs or locked gates, please notify us in advance by calling 13 25 23 or complete our Property Information Form.

The following locations (PDF, 1.2MB) will be targeted for planned treatment this season. (Note: we may not treat the entire location)







College View

Crowley Vale

Forest Hill


Glen Cairn

Glenore Grove



Hatton Vale


Kensington Grove

Kents Lagoon


Laidley Creek West

Laidley Heights

Laidley North

Laidley South

Lake Clarendon


Limestone Ridges

Lower Mount Walker

Lower Mount Walker




Mount Forbes

Mount Mort

Mount Walker

Mount Walker West

Mount Walker West




Peak Crossing




Regency Downs




Warrill View


Wilsons Plains