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Legislation, strategies and permits

Legislation, strategies and permits are developed and administered by Biosecurity Queensland to ensure the fight against invasive plants and animals in Queensland is coordinated, consistent, and does not waste precious resources.

One important tool in this fight is the Biosecurity Act 2014. This legislation governs actions for the control and management of invasive plants and animals in the state. It also provides local governments with the legal instrument they need  to  enforce  the management of high-priority invasive plants and animals.

The Queensland weed and pest animal strategy has been developed to establish a statewide planning framework that will address the environmental, economic and community impacts of Queensland’s current and potential weeds and pest animals.

The Biosecurity Act 2014 allows for the following permits:

  • Prohibited Matter Permit for scientific research or controlled dealings    
  • Restricted Matter Permit for biological control, commercial use or scientific research.        

Exhibiting animals in Queensland  

In Queensland you will need a licence or permit under the Exhibited Animals Act 2015 if you plan to exhibit animals (including declared animals) in:  

  • zoos        
  • wildlife parks        
  • wildlife demonstrations        
  • circuses        
  • magic acts        
  • film or television productions.        

Licences and permits allow you to keep, house, display and transport the animals you exhibit.