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Clean-down procedures and facilities

When a vehicle or machine is driven through a weed-infested area, seeds become lodged in cracks and crevices, including tyre treads, radiators, licence plates and the chassis. The seeds may then be carried hundreds of kilometres before dislodging in new areas.

Clean-down procedures and facilities are available to help you remove weed seeds, soil and other foreign matter from your vehicles and machinery.

Clean-down procedures

Biosecurity Queensland has written clean-down procedures to help people with farm biosecurity.

These guidelines and checklists have been developed to enable vehicles and machines to be cleaned and inspected effectively and safely:

Clean-down facilities

Numerous clean-down facilities have been built across Queensland for cleaning vehicles and machinery to help to stop the spread of weeds.

Local governments manage a number of clean-down facilities. For more information, and permission to use these facilities, contact your local government.

Some companies and utility providers have private facilities that may be available to the public.

Before using the facilities, please check the following with the operator:

  • opening hours
  • availability
  • capacity to accommodate your vehicle or machine.

Further information

  • Weed out the seeds: How to clean down your vehicle and machinery to help prevent the spread of weed seeds

Last updated 01 July 2016