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What is Weedbusters?

Weedbusters is an awareness and action program that aims to protect Queensland's environment, agriculture and other industries from weeds. Weedbusters aims to raise awareness about weeds and their impacts, and involve people in weed management.

Weedbusters involves action – participation and shared responsibility are essential if we are going to limit the establishment and spread of weeds.

Weedbusters involves learning - people play a large part in spreading weeds, often unintentionally. Weedbusters aims to educate and enable people to help stop the spread of weeds.

Landcare groups, state and local governments, schools and other community groups participate in Weedbusters by holding events.

Events range from weed clean-ups, field days and demonstrations, seminars and displays at shopping centres, libraries and local councils, weed identification walks and school competitions.

Weedbusters is also an opportunity to recognise the efforts made by volunteers dedicated to protecting their local area.

So why not organise a Weedbuster event in your local area?