Bundaberg research facility

Site Details

Research Facility NameBundaberg Research Facility
Research Facility Address49 Ashfield Rd KALKIE Bundaberg 4670
Telephone07 4326 1100
Coordinates/GPS at office24o50’54”S
Climate (Temperature max & min, Annual Rainfall)Sub Tropical, High Humidity, Rainfall 1026.7mm 60% rainfall is between December & March. Min temp 16.4 Max Temp 29.5. Recently climate history in Bundaberg (24.8661°S, 152.3488°E, 18m AMSL)
Topography (Brief description)Flat to sloping land, draining into central waterway/pond system

Overview of the Site

Bundaberg Research Facility provides support to horticultural, agricultural and sugar industries in the wide bay area of southeast Queensland. The deep red volcanic soils provide excellent capacity for R&D to a wide range of horticultural and coastal broad acre crops and sugar cane projects as well as 10 HA each of Citrus Breeding & Mac Breeding. It has a state of the art irrigation system and reliable irrigation water supply provided by Sunwater and a bore and on site water storages. The vegetable trial area provides an ideal controlled site for a wide range of trials.

Extensive windbreaks protects the site it is generally frost-free, and has a high security field area. Experienced staff supports the internal research activity along with contracted trials and commercial work.


General Facilities

The facility has an extensive range of field labs, plant houses, laboratories, offices, and machinery and farming areas.

The site has built facilities include an administration office with accommodation for 25 staff, with a combined Lunch/meeting room. The site has general storage, field labs, plant houses; laboratories, machinery sheds and purpose built mechanical workshop and chemical store.

The site has a wide range of plant and equipment including tractors, sprayers and cultivators required to support research and grow a broad range of horticultural and agricultural crops.

Specialised Infrastructure

Controlled Environments

  • 2 large Poly houses and 1 Large Shade House total coverage is 1101 sq meters
  • Cold rooms x 4 plus a small mobile one coverage is 37 square meters
  • Insect rearing Room

Laboratories, processing facilities and conference room

  • Laboratories x 3


  • Pumping and irrigation - Computer controlled, constant pressure variable drive 44 kw ( x5 pumps), for tree sprinklers and drip tape, overheads, plus 40 kw variable drive pump for travelling irrigation
  • Water storage

Specialised Plant & Equipment

  • Precision planters & Plot harvesters
  • Plot harvesters
  • Specialist protected sprayers for Orchard weed control in windy conditions
  • GPS guidance
  • Fertiliser applicators

Pest and Pathogen Control

  • Sprayers


  • Truck

Sample Processing

  • Dryers – Electric and gas.

Research Focus

  • Research disciplines and current project activity
    • Plant breeding
    • National Citrus Breeding Projects – developing new mandarin varieties and rootstocks – covers approximately 10ha
      National Macadamia Breeding Program (QAAFI and DAF) – covers approximately 10ha
      National Strawberry Breeding Program – warm sub-tropical environmental adaptability
      Peanut breeding program – Peanuts Australia

    • Agronomy
    • Small tree high productivity initiative (STHPI)
      Avocado rootstock trial
      Annual peanut variety trials
      Demonstrating best practice management systems for sugarcane
      Developing farming systems for sugarcane, peanuts and soybean
      Precision Agriculture (vegetables)

    • Physiology
    • Irregular Crop Bearing in Australian avocados
      Macadamia pollination

    • Crop protection
    • Plant Pathology – citrus disease screening including Alternaria, Phytophthora and citrus tristeza virus in citrus
      Peanut disease trial, as Bundaberg climate is especially suited to disease screening

    • Vegetable research
    • Precision agriculture
      Sweet potato – insect and agronomy.