Australian bass

Other namesBass
Scientific nameMacquaria novemaculeata
Size Range
  • Common length — 40cm
  • Maximum length — 65cm
Size limits on takesMinimum size 30cm
Possession limits on takes
  • All dams and weirs under the Stocked Impoundment Permit Scheme: 5
  • Elsewhere in Queensland: 2
  • 1 June to 31 August
  • applies throughout Queensland tidal waters
Frequent MisidentificationSilver perch
Estuary perch

Features that distinguish Australian bass from silver perch:
� relatively large mouth
� deeply notched dorsal and anal fins
� deeply compressed body
  • found in south east Queensland - north to the Burnett River system
  • freshwater species
  • occassionally enters estuaries during spawning season in winter or peak flood periods
  • often stocked in impoundments