Other namesGiant perch
Scientific nameLates calcarifer
Size Range
  • Common length — 80cm
  • Maximum length — 180cm
Size limits on takes
  • Minimum size 58cm
  • Maximum size 120cm
  • 1 greater than 120cm from some dams
Possession limits on takes
  • 5 per person/10 per boat (with 2 or more people on board)
  • 1 per person/2 per boat (with 2 or more people on board) during closed season at some dams
  • Queensland east coast: 1 November to 31 January
  • Gulf of Carpentaria: 7 October to 31 January
  • (does not apply in and from waterways upstream of Awoonga, Burdekin Falls, Callide, Eungella, Fairbairn, Fred Haigh (Lake Monduran), Kinchant, Koombooloomba, Lenthalls, Peter Faust, Teemburra, Tinaroo and Wuruma dams)
  • silver, olive-grey or grey-blue back
  • brown to golden eyes with bright red reflective glow
  • no markings on fins
  • juveniles are brown to greyish brown with three stripes on the head and scattered white patches on the sides
  • Rockhampton and further north
  • coastal marine
  • estuarine and freshwater habitats
  • adults mainly in estuaries (mangroves and river mouths)
  • juveniles extend up rivers into fresh water
  • often stocked in impoundments