Barred javelin

Other names
  • Spotted grunter
  • Javelin fish
  • Grunter bream
Scientific namePomadasys kaakan
Size Range
  • Common length — 45cm
  • Maximum length — 80cm
Size limits on takes
  • Minimum size 40cm
  • Gulf of Carpentaria: 40 cm min whole or with head or tail removed, or 26 cm min fillet length
Possession limits on takes
  • possession limit 10
  • Gulf of Carpentaria: 10 whole fish or 20 fillets
  • adults have golden-green back, silvery belly with traces of brown vertical bars present only when alive(
  • head is slightly convex(
  • dorsal fins are spinous with spots indistinct or absent and a deep notch between the first and second(
  • juvenile's spinous dorsal fin has black-brown spots on lower half and in three rows on the rayed dorsal fin(
  • margin of the soft dorsal fin is darker(
  • lower tip of the caudal fin on juveniles is white(
Frequent MisidentificationSilver javelin
Blotched javelin

Features that distinguish barred javelin from silver javelin:

� indistinct or absent spots on dorsal fins,

� spots are arranged in vertical bands along the flanks

� uniform golden green back, silvery belly with traces of brown vertical bars present while the species is alive
  • Moreton Bay and further north
  • coastal inshore waters - open bays and estuaries
  • rivers to the upper limit of brackish water