Dusky flathead

Other namesMud flathead
Scientific namePlatycephalus fuscus
Size Range
  • Common length — 50cm
  • Maximum length — 130cm
Size limits on takes
  • Minimum size 40cm
  • Maximum size 75cm
Possession limits on takes
  • possession limit 5
  • not included in the combined possession limit for other flathead species
  • top of body varies from dark greenish-brown, to pale fawn, to mid-brown; has blotchy appearance
  • can change body colour to match substrate
  • under-surface of head is pale pink
  • pectoral fins are densely spotted with brown
  • tail has a distinguishing large dark blotch
Frequent MisidentificationBartailed flathead
Northern sand flathead

Features that distinguish dusky flathead from other flathead species:
� tail has large dark blotch; no horizontal dark bars
  • Cairns and further south
  • estuaries and coastal bays
  • found on sand, mud, gravel and seagrasses