Other names
  • Jewfish
  • Kingfish
  • Soapies
  • School jew
Scientific nameArgyrosomus japonicus
Size Range
  • Common length — 100cm
  • Maximum length — 200cm
Size limits on takesMinimum size 75cm
Possession limits on takespossession limit 2
  • silvery blue or grey back
  • whitish flanks and belly
  • lateral line a series of pearly spots
  • fins are grey or brown
  • pectoral fin has a black spot at base
  • edges of jaws and inside of gill cover are dirty yellow
Frequent MisidentificationTeraglin
Black jewfish

Features that distinguish mulloway from teraglin:
� back is silvery blue or grey
� flanks and belly are whitish
� lateral line consists of a series of pearly spots
� caudal fin is S-shaped or almost truncate

Features that distinguish mulloway from black jewfish:
� black spot at base of pectoral fin

  • Bundaberg and further south
  • lower reaches of rivers, estuaries, rocky reefs, ocean beaches
  • continental shelves (to a depth of 150 m)