Murray cod

Scientific nameMaccullochella peelii
Size Range
  • Common length — 65cm
  • Maximum length — 180cm
Size limits on takes
  • Minimum size 60cm
  • Maximum size 110cm
Possession limits on takespossession limit 2
  • 1 September to 30 November
  • in all waters contained in the Murray Darling Drainage Division. An exception to this closed season applies to Beardmore Dam, Beehive Dam, Connolly Dam, Cooby Dam, Coolmunda Dam, Glenlyon Dam, Leslie Dam and Storm King Dam.
  • golden-yellow to green to dark brown mottling
  • soft dorsal, anal and caudal fins have thin white margins
  • head profile concave, with large mouth extending back to behind the eye
Frequent MisidentificationMary River cod

Features that distinguish the Murray cod from the Mary River cod:
� the pelvic fins are shorter and the caudal peduncle (tail wrist) longer
  • south western Queensland border lakes and rivers
  • areas of low flow around undercut banks and fallen timber