Redclaw crayfish (freshwater)

Other namesYabby
Scientific nameCherax quadricarinatus
Size limits on takesN/A
Possession limits on takes
  • 40 within their natural distribution (females carrying eggs or young must be returned to the water within their natural range)
  • Outside its natural range, this species is considered non-indigenous so must not be returned to the water. This includes berried females.
  • species of freshwater crayfish growing to about 600g
  • body is usually blue-green, however there is considerable colour variability due to geographic location
  • adult male has a distinct soft red patch on the outer margin of the claws, hence the name 'redclaw'
Frequent MisidentificationBlueclaw

Features that distinguish redclaw from blueclaw:
� lack of vibrant blue claws
  • Natural range: Gulf of Carpentaria Drainage Division and from the Jacky Jacky River basin south to the Normanby River basin on the north east coast of Queensland