Sooty grunter

Other namesBlack bream
Scientific nameHephaestus fuliginosus
Size Range
  • Common length — 25cm
  • Maximum length — 45cm
Size limits on takesMinimum size 28cm
Possession limits on takes10 combined limit for sooty, khaki, lake and Gulf grunter species
Descriptionmedium to large size grunter characterized by a heavily built body
  • usually uniformly black or brownish-grey overall with darker scale margins
  • juveniles have dark blotch on soft dorsal and anal fins
  • when pelvic fins pressed against the body they don�t reach the anus

Frequent MisidentificationKhaki grunter

Features that distinguish sooty grunter from khaki grunter:
� more concave snout-forehead profile
  • abundant throughout coastal drainages of Northern Territory, Gulf of Carpentaria and north eastern Queensland
  • usually found in large flowing streams especially in the upper reaches over sandy or rocky bottoms with sparse aquatic vegetation