Spanish mackerel

Other namesNarrow-barred mackerel
Scientific nameScomberomorus commerson
Size Range
  • Common length — 50–80cm
  • Maximum length — 120cm
Size limits on takesMinimum size 75cm
Possession limits on takes3 per person/6 per boat (with 2 or more people on board)
  • numerous thin, wavy vertical bands on body (number of bars increases from as few as 20 in a 40 cm specimen, to as many as 65 in a 150 cm specimen)
  • iridescent blue-grey back
  • silver sides with bluish reflections; juveniles frequently spotted
Frequent MisidentificationBroad-barred mackerel

Features that distinguish Spanish mackerel from grey mackerel:
� numerous thin, wavy vertical bands on the body
� back is iridescent blue-grey

  • along the length of the Queensland coast
  • coastal waters to depths of 15 m to 200 m (a pelagic species)