Spanner crab

Other namesFrog crab
Scientific nameRanina ranina
Size limits on takes
  • Minimum size 10cm
  • (measurement taken from the centre spine to mid carapace base)
Possession limits on takes
  • possession limit 20
  • (Egg-bearing spanner crabs are protected and must be immediately returned unharmed to the water)
Closures1 November to 15 December
  • easily recognisable by their frog-like appearance and bright red colour
  • usually have a pattern of white dots across the middle of their carapace
  • unlike other crabs their movement is forwards and backwards
  • derive their name from the spanner-shaped claws
  • males grow to about 15 cm shell breadth, while females only grow to about 11.5 cm shell breadth
Distributioneast and west coasts, from Yeppoon in Queensland to Nowra in New South Wales and from Quinn Rocks north of Perth to the Houtman Abrolhos and Geraldton in Western Australia