Speartooth shark

Other names
  • Blue
  • Bizant
  • Queensland or Northern river shark
Scientific nameGlyphis glyphis
Size RangeCommon length — 59–300cm
Size limits on takesNo take
Possession limits on takes
  • No take
  • Speartooth sharks are protected throughout Queensland and are therefore prohibited from being in anyone's possession without a permit
  • medium sized, moderately stout whaler
  • has a large second dorsal fin (at least half the height of the first dorsal fin)
  • grey on the upper surface and pale underneath with an inconspicuous pale stripe along the flanks
Frequent MisidentificationNorthern river shark/New Guinea river shark
Lemon shark
Bull shark
  • inshore including estuaries and river systems in the northern Gulf of Carpentaria and eastern coastline of Queensland
  • captures reported in the southern and western gulf are unconfirmed