Stout whiting

Scientific nameSillago robusta
Size Range
  • Common length — 25cm
  • Maximum length — 30cm
Size limits on takesN/A
Possession limits on takes
  • possession limit 20
  • (This is a general possession limit)
  • creamy yellow on the upper part of the body and a shade of silver on the lower part (separated by a silver horizontal band)
  • no spots or blotches on the body
  • cheeks have a conspicuous yellow blotch
  • first dorsal spine is white at the base
Frequent MisidentificationTumpeter whiting

Features that distinguish stout whiting from trumpeter whiting:
� first dorsal spine is white at the base
� pectoral fin has no dark mark at the base
� second dorsal fin has 17 soft rays
  • along the length of the Queensland coast
  • predominantly offshore