Fisheries management review

MRAG Asia Pacific's final report on fisheries management has been provided to the Queensland Government titled "Taking Stock: Modernising fisheries management in Queensland."

Public consultation on the recommendations proposed by MRAG Asia Pacific in their report on the Fisheries Management Review has now closed.

The Queensland Government has undertaken a wide-ranging review of fisheries management in Queensland to deliver a better system for the state's commercial, recreational and Indigenous fishers.

MRAG Asia Pacific, an independent consultancy, was appointed to undertake the review and a Fisheries Review Advisory Committee was formed to guide the review. Commercial, recreational, conservation and indigenous groups were consulted.

The independent review examined our entire approach to managing our fisheries, with the aim of fixing a system that is complex, costly to administer, and inconsistent, and addressing red tape to maintain a viable and sustainable fisheries resource for industry and the community.

All fishing sectors, as well as other community groups with an interest in fishing (e.g. conservation and tourism), were asked for input to ensure a balanced outcome.

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Last updated 03 August 2015