Monitoring our fisheries

The future of profitable commercial and enjoyable recreational fisheries relies on our natural resources being used in a sustainable way. This requires keeping a close eye on fish stocks and the performance of management arrangements for each fishery. By routinely collecting information from commercial and recreational fisheries using a range of monitoring programs, and assessing that information, we can make objective decisions to ensure the future of our resources.

  • Commercial fisheries

    Links for commercial fishers to access relevant pages for their sector

  • Recreational fisheries

    Links for recreational fishers to access relevant pages for their sector

  • Data and reports

    Access status reports on Qld fisheries, ecological and stock assessments, monitoring program results and other data.

  • Monitoring and research plan

    Outlines improved data collection, and identifies and prioritises monitoring, research and assessment needs to support the Sustainable Fisheries Strategy.

  • Monitoring interactive map

    Visual representation of the agency’s monitoring program. Click on the icons to view information about each program and their locations.

Last updated 03 October 2017