Commercial fisheries monitoring

Queensland's commercial fisheries are a significant contributor to the national and state economy, providing fresh local product to seafood consumers and maintaining a competitive export market. In value they rank third among Australia's fisheries, and eighth among all Queensland's primary producers.

Fisheries Queensland supports a profitable commercial fishing sector, while protecting and conserving fisheries resources for the benefit of all Queenslanders.

  • Logbooks

    Commercial fishers are required to complete daily catch and effort logbooks detailing the fishing and quantities caught.

  • Species-specific monitoring programs

    Species-specific monitoring programs collect data to ensure fisheries for today and tomorrow

  • Biological data collection - commercial catch

    Commercial fishers and seafood wholesalers are assisting Fisheries Queensland to collect information on key species to ensure the fisheries sustainability

  • Get involved in fisheries monitoring

    How the commercial fishing sector can help monitor our state's fisheries

  • Data and reports

    Access status reports on Qld fisheries, ecological and stock assessments, monitoring program results and other data.

Last updated 05 October 2012