Fishing gear for tidal waters

This section applies to tidal fishing gear only. For information on freshwater fishing gear, see Fishing gear for fresh waters .

No age limit applies to fishing in Queensland but children should be of an age where they can be responsible for the use of their own fishing gear.

Why are there restrictions on fishing gear?

A number of restrictions apply to fishing gear in Queensland to protect fish stocks from overfishing.

Fishing lines

In tidal waters, up to three fishing lines with up to six hooks in total (in any configuration) are permitted. An artificial fly or lure is deemed to be equal to one hook.

A fishing line does not include the following:

  • a cross line
  • a drum line
  • a free-floating line
  • a set line.

Fishers should be in attendance at all times when using this equipment.

Scoop or dip nets

A scoop or dip net must not exceed 2 m in any dimension, with a handle not longer than 2.5 m and a mesh size of at least 25 mm. A gaff or landing net may be used to secure line-caught fish.

Line drawings of cast nets showing allowed dimensions

Measuring dimensions of cast nets.

Cast nets

Cast nets can be no more than 3.7 m when measured from the point of attachment of the cord or rope to the rest of the net, to the net leadline or bottom of the lowest pocket of the net, whichever is greater. Mesh size must be no greater than 28 mm.

Seine nets

(Seine nets are commonly known as bait nets or drag nets in tidal waters.)

A seine net must not exceed 16 m in length, 3 m in drop and must have a mesh size no greater than 28 mm. The net must not contain a bag, pocket or similar device. The use of the net is subject to the following conditions:

  • It must not be anchored, staked or fixed.
  • No part of the net containing fish must be out of the water other than to immediately remove fish for release.
  • All regulated fish, and fish not intended to be taken, must be released into water deep enough to allow the fish to escape.

Line drawing of worm digging forks and hand pump

Hand pumps

A hand pump may be used on foreshores in tidal waters to take yabbies.

Worm digging forks

A worm digging fork may be used on foreshores in tidal areas to take worms.

Spearfishing/spear guns

See Spearfishing, spear guns and underwater breathing apparatus .

Crab pots and dillies

See Crabs and lobsters .

Further information

Last updated 28 October 2016