Walkamin Research Station

Research into freshwater fisheries and aquaculture ceased at the Walkamin Research Station in 2009. However, the station continues to function as a research and development centre for irrigated agriculture and retains facilities for freshwater and aquaculture research. It provides flexibility  to  support freshwater fisheries and aquaculture research should opportunities arise in the future.


  • Largest freshwater fishery research facility in tropical Australia    
  • Large water allocation to enable resumption of aquaculture research    
  • Ample capacity for construction of more ponds and buildings    


The major achievements of researchers in the former Freshwater Fisheries and Aquaculture Research Centre were in developing best-practice aquaculture methods for barramundi and redclaw crayfish, and applying their expertise to research and development of eel, sleepy cod and golden perch aquaculture.  Researchers  also developed techniques for breeding native fish, and transferred those techniques to industry. Some of the more significant achievements of the centre were:

  • developing new production and growing systems in freshwater aquaculture that have been adopted state-wide    
  • developing pond management techniques for redclaw crayfish    
  • releasing selectively-bred, faster growing redclaw crayfish to the aquaculture industry    
  • enhancing the production of barramundi, golden perch and eels through research into diet, genetics and optimal stocking densities    
  • maintaining stocks of endangered species such as the Lake Eacham rainbow fish    
  • enhancing the production of fingerlings for stocking impoundments    
  • supporting field research into freshwater ecology, water quality and aquatic resources across northern Australia.    

Walkamin Research Facility

Postal address: PO Box 1008, Walkamin, Qld, 4872
Phone: +61 7 4091 9300
Email: brett.mccahon@daf.qld.gov.au

Last updated 28 June 2011