FishNet Public

Visit the register of authorities for information on Queensland fishing authorities including commercial licences, permits and quota and reports of the number of fishery symbols and quota usage for current and previous seasons. There is no charge for these services through FishNet.

FishNet Secure

Fisheries Queensland continues to add features to FishNet Secure and encourages all authority holders to become registered users of FishNet Secure.

Currently registered users:

  • who are licence holders, can view their catch and effort (logbook) history, details of temporary transfers, and other licence details not publically available.
  • who are quota unit holders, can perform temporary quota transfers, view quota statements, including balances and adjustments, and download their statements etc.
  • including company office bearers, can update their contact details.

You can apply to become a registered user of FishNet Secure by completing a FishNet secure password application form (PDF, 191KB), and sending it to Fisheries Licensing at the following address, or fax it to 07 3229 8182.

Fisheries Licensing
Department of Agriculture and Fisheries
GPO Box 2764
Brisbane Qld 4001

If your application is successful you will be issued with a confidential password (which may be changed online at any time) which you will receive in the mail.

There is no charge for these services through FishNet at this time. Please note that passwords must be kept confidential and should be known only to the intended recipient or someone entrusted by the recipient to act on their behalf.

Last updated 22 April 2015