Freshwater catfish (eel-tailed catfish)

  • Freshwater catfish
    Freshwater catfish
Scientific name

Tandanus tandanus

Other names


Frequent misidentifications


  • body colouration: greenish-brown mottled skin, tending to whitish on the belly
  • large eel-like second dorsal fin starting about the middle of the body.
  • Widely distributed in the Murray-Darling River system and east coast drainages
  • Often found on sand or gravel bottoms in slow moving streams, or in impoundments.
  • common length - 40 cm
  • maximum length - 90cm.
Size and possession limits
  • size limit - 35 cm
  • possession limit - 5 combined for all eel-tail catfish species.

Has very sharp dorsal and pectoral spines that protrude when captured which can cause extreme pain if handled carelessly.


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