Grass emperor (sweetlip)

  • Grass emperor (Lethrinus laticaudis)
    Grass emperor (Lethrinus laticaudis)
Scientific name

Lethrinus laticaudis

Other names
  • grass sweetlip
  • grassy
Frequent misidentifications
  • tan, brown or yellow body with scattered irregular dark blotches
  • head is brown or yellow, with blue dots on cheeks and short blue lines radiating from lower eye (sometimes appear between the eyes)
  • pale or yellow fins, with mottled vertical fins
  • scales have distinct black markings in the centre on anterior upper sides
  • coral reefs
  • seagrass beds and mangrove swamps (juveniles)
  • along the length of the Queensland coast
  • 30-40 cm common length, 56 cm maximum total length
Size and possession limits
  • minimum size 30 cm
  • possession limit 10
How to distinguish from spangled emperor
  • scales lack characteristic blue flecks of spangled emperor

Further information

Last updated 23 November 2011